Order Call

The most expensive material in my art process is acquiring the book to begin with. This cost can be lessened by buying a book at trade prices and that saving is already reflected in the prices seen in my portfolio. However most major wholesalers don't accept orders of less than £100. At trade prices that equates to between 15-20 hardback books per order. 


This is why I occasionally do an Order Call. If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Instagram, there will be an announcement that an Order Call is running. At this point it is possible to purchase one of my designs through my website (here). A small deposit is required upfront to show that your interest is real. I open up the Call for 2 weeks. If in those two weeks, I receive enough orders to purchase books at trade prices, I will go ahead and order the books, charge you the full amount and get to work on painting your designs. If I don't, then all deposits made during that call are refunded in full. 


I know that having an order refunded and cancelled can be incredibly disappointing. It is for me as well, and although it isn't common, this arrangement is the best system I have. Otherwise some clients can wait for a long time (some have previously waited up to three months) before enough trade price books have been bought for me to make up an order.

In the event of a refund or cancellation - don't give up. In the next Order Call you can likely order the design again, or for those still eager to get the design, the Personal Commission option is available with limited slots. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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Personal Commissions

Interested in owning one of my designs for yourself?  Whether your interest is in a brand new design or an existing work, I have limited commission slots through the year where I do individual runs of a specific book design. Pricing is individual for each project, but this allows for the result and process to be completely tailored to you. Prices are based off the following.

Price of the book through my trusted retailer (can vary) plus cost of any significant design time beyond 30 mins (depends on time and complexity) plus; 


Cover Art (Front and/or back)

£2 per stencil.

£1.50 per colour used.


Sprayed Edge

£1.50 for background colour. 

£2 per stencil with 1 colour.

0.50p per additional colour with no additional stencils.

Shipping must be paid in addition. Normally the total price falls between £25-50 depending on complexity of the design, size and specific requirements. 50% of the total price is taken as a deposit upon accepting the commission. Once the design is finished, I will send you photos and a video of the end result. Once you're happy, I will ship your order and request the final 50%. 

Please remember each design is hand painted by myself and takes several hours. While I enjoy painting books, including revisiting old designs, this does limit the number of books I can take in a given month. 

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Commercial Commissions

Please contact me directly to discuss your project requirements. Please let me know if you have fixed timescales for your project as early as possible, as some larger projects can be very time intensive. I'm always interested in working on new creative projects and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me through Instagram messages or through the contact page. 

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