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Healthy Relationships Are Sexy! - Writing Character Romance

Hi guys and welcome back to the Kingdom. I hope you all had positive and productive weeks this week.

** UPDATE ** 

Sorry guys! I only just realised that even though this video went live on my YouTube channel last week it for some reason didn't get posted over here on my website! I'm so sorry! But here it is now, enjoy! :)

Now I love love. I have said it before and I no doubt will say it over and over again in the future. For the last two weeks we have picked apart some of the behaviors that really annoy me in fiction that I've read recently. But I had enough with complaining, today we're going to get to fixing. 

Writing about relationships can be hard if you've never been in one. Particularly if you don't have any healthy relationships to model off from in your life. This is why the portrayal of relationships in books and media is so important, because they can have such a profound impact on the lives of your readers. So here are a couple of things that I believe it's important to include when writing about relationships. 

It's also important to note here that *ahem* writing about healthy relationships is SEXY! The relationship you're writing about doesn't need to be this grand forbidden love or some kind of toxic relationship or abusive situation for it to be unique or interesting. In fact, I would say that those situations are rather boring and often written in very similar ways. It's the healthy, unique relationships that bring out the different aspects of a character's personality that are so incredibly sexy, and make me root for a couple. 

So with no more witter here is the video. 

So those are my tips. Consent, Communication, Respect, Forgiveness and Happiness. Those are the five big things that signal to your reader that a relationship is healthy and functioning and provides both parties with something good in their lives. 

What do you think? Do you think I've missed anything off? Do you disagree? Also I would love to read some books where you've seen some good examples of this. I personally love the Percy and Annabeth relationship in the cross over series that came after the original series. There are moments in that series that demonstrate just what joy and comfort they find in each other, and that's wonderful to read about particularly in a YA book. 

I hope you all have positive and productive weeks this week and I'll see you all next time for another video where I'll be sharing a Girl Boss Goals Video where I tried to write a whole book in 30 days! 


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